Race for Kids


Race for Kids™ is a return to the best adventures of childhood,  embracing the carefree days of being a kid, and a bonding experience for participants as they challenge their skills while raising funds for all boys and girls to have the same opportunity.

In 22 communities across Canada, teams of four will compete in a series of 10 themed checkpoint challenges in a race to the finish line. Checkpoints will be designed to incorporate activities that focus the mind and challenge the body.

At the finish line, there will be a celebration party and awards ceremony to commemorate completion of the   race!

5th Annual Race for Kids
SAVE THE DATE....SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, 2017  at Exhibition Park!

Join Race for Kids™ and show your commitment to supporting your community and Boys and Girls Club of Saint John. Its a fun, new, and exciting adventure that will get the blood pumping and the whole team smiling.  This a great opportunity to get your team, family or department at work engaged in a community event and give back to your Boys and Girls Club.

We are in need of people to help with this event in various capacities program, checkpoint challenges, race design, sponsorship and much more.