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Gold Rush Lotto

Get a Gold Rush Number


Sign-up and receive a PERMENENT number at any Green Box location.

Insert the completed form into the box. Retain the half portion that has your number on it.




Request a number by phone by calling 634-2011 ext. 223


Play Your Gold Rush Number

Three Ways to Play:
1.  At a Green Box location place a green label with your number on a toonie and drop it in the box.
2.   In Person at The Boys & Girls Club 1 Paul Harris Street
3.   By Phone using a Credit Card 634-2011 ext 223
Pay in advance and you are guaranteed to be in every draw
$10 for 5 weeks                        $52 for 6 months
$20 for 10 weeks                      $104 for 1 year
Deadline to play: 9:00 am Thursday at the Green Boxes
                            9:00 am Friday at the Boys & Girls Club.


Draw takes place every Friday at noon at The Boys & Girls Club.


Questions? Contact us at or call 634-2011 ext. 223




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Read more about Gold Rush on our Gold Rush Q & A.


   When forms are collected from the GOLD RUSH boxes,
      the information from the form will be added to the registration list.
   A pre-printed aluminum tag with the matching number will be placed in the draw container.
     This aluminum tag will remain in the draw container indefinitely.
   The weekly winning number will be drawn from this draw container.
   You can join GOLD RUSH anytime.
   Only play one toonie per number, per week, at any of the GOLD RUSH box locations listed below.
      Locations are also listed on the individual boxes
   You can play more than one number.  For each number played a separate form will need to be completed
   Place a toonie in the box for each number you play.
   Please write your number exactly as shown. Due to numbers that are hard to identify
      such as 6 or 9 please underline
   All toonies from the GOLD RUSH boxes will be collected every Thursday between
      8:30 AM and 2 PM.
   A notice will be placed on the box stating that pickup was done.
   The winning participant's name, number and prize amount will be shown on the GOLD RUSH box.
   The draw will be every Friday at 12 noon at the Boys & Girls Club.
   Winners will be contacted by phone, and/or email.
   A picture ID is required to collect your winnings.
   If your number is drawn and you did not play that week your half of the winning proceeds will be
      added to the following week's draw
   If you no longer wish to play please contact or 634-2011 ext.223 and you
     will be removed from the registration.Once your registration is cancelled your number may be
     reissued to another player


You can also Pre-Pay for your Gold Rush by:

Dropping into the Boys & Girls Club at 1 Paul Harris Street


Calling 634-2011 ~ ask for Patsy or Nancy!


You can pre-pay any amount!