Learning Center

Giant Tiger Homework Club:

The Learning Center offers a homework club that takes place Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. At this time children are able to complete and receive help with their homework by qualified staff. The homework club offers the children resources for completing assigned projects.
The Learning Center offers free tutoring to our children and youth that are experiencing difficulty in their academic work. Volunteer tutors offer there time for one hour a week to work one –on-one with a child in areas that they are experiencing difficulty.

Special Events:
In the Learning Center we offer special events that our children can be a part of that increase their skills and academic abilities. Annually we host a reading challenge between our main location and our Satellite location the South End Community Center. During the reading challenge both locations compete to see which location can read the most books in a determined length of time. At the end both locations have a celebration of their hard work and love of reading. This is a fun way that we engage our children in reading.  

Math Olympics also takes place annually where children are able to increase their basic math skills. During this event children answer basic math questions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to earn points towards being awarded with a metal (gold, silver, bronze).
Spelling Bees take place throughout the school year. During spelling bees children practice spelling words to earn points for their team. This not only increasing spelling abilities and word recognition in children it significantly helps children when it comes to independent writing.

Science days take place throughout the school year. On these days children can come to the Learning Center and be involved with a science experiment. (Volcanoes, magnets, chromatography, floating and sinking).  

Reading Buddies is a program where we pair up strong readers with struggling readers. On Friday afternoon we get together for a half an hour and each child in the pair takes a turn reading a book that they are comfortable with.

Fun Educational Activity Center:  
At all times in the Learning Center children can complete work sheets that are located in our fun educational activity center. Activities that they can do include word searches, cross word puzzles, dot-to-dots, jigsaw puzzles, literacy worksheets etc. Many children come to the homework club and work on activities from the center instead of their homework. Some children even decide to make their own activity sheets and have one of their friends complete the worksheet.

SmartBoard Activity Time:
Thanks to Canaport LNG our children have a time daily where they can complete Smartboard activities. Once a day children have the opportunity to come to the Learning Center and complete Smartboard activities as well as play games on the Smartboard. Children enjoy this time and it is very interactive for them.
There are many resources and program that we utilize within the Learning Center. The Excellence in Literacy Foundation provides the Learning Center with literacy workbooks that children can work with without being tagged to a particular reading level. We use these workbooks to assist with our tutoring programs and our activity center. This program also gives activities that teach children good social skills and habits.
Jump Math is a program that we use to help children increase their basic math skills in a fun and interactive way.  These activities are presented in a step by step fashion that is easy for children to follow.
Some books that we are incorporating into the Learning Center are Inspiring the Best in Students, The Classroom of Choice, and the Leader in Me. These books offer ways in which a person can make a learning environment one in which acceptance and leadership of everyone including the children is encouraged. It also gives ways to make a program have a positive and friendly atmosphere.

If you would be interested in tutoring please contact tstuartsjbgc@nb.aibn.com