Youth Leadership


Our new Youth Leadership program focuses on getting youth involved in the community, exposing them to a wide range of activities, allowing them to explore future careers, and helping them develop lasting positive lifestyle choices. This program is a great way to become a well-rounded leader!


The Youth Leadership Program is focused on 3 main themes:

Healthy Lifestyle, Arts & Culture, and Leadership & Micro Business.

  • To promote a Healthy Lifestyle, the program will include: 
  • yoga each morning,
  • East Coast Boxing,
  • healthy cooking classes,
  • hikes
  • swimming
  • and more!
  • To explore Arts & Culture, youth will:
  •  visit local art galleries,
  • take art classes at the Saint John Art Centre
  • potentially take music and theatre classes.
  • and more!

  • Youth will engage with Leadership and Micro Business through:
  •  volunteering in the community
  • organizing fundraisers
  • micro business lessons from the Loan Fund and Enterprise Saint John
  • workshops with successful small business owners in Saint John
  • mini "work terms" with local companies.
  • and more!


This program is open to youth aged 12-15. The cost is $75 per week, or $100 per week with transportation to the club. The program is running for 8 week-long sessions, from June 25- August 17.  It is from 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday, with 1 hour unsupervised lunch per day. There is a maximum of 15 youth per session, so register ASAP!